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A little thing called D1


As I prepare to regale you with tales of our Colombian escapades in my forthcoming blog, I felt compelled to provide a brief prelude—an introduction to one of the recurring characters in our narrative: D1 and its enigmatic wine selection. This snippet serves as a prologue, offering a glimpse into the essence of D1, a thread woven intricately into the fabric of our adventures. So, consider this a tantalizing taste of what lies ahead—an invitation to acquaint yourself with this integral aspect of our journey before delving deeper into the chapters that follow.

In the realm of wanderlust, every new destination unfurls a tapestry of novel encounters. Amidst the journey's ephemeral stops, be it an Airbnb sanctuary or any chosen abode, lies the distinct delight of exploring local markets—those bustling hubs of life and commerce. In Colombia, a cornucopia of Mercados beckons, each offering its own unique allure.

For us, nomads, there exists a steadfast favorite among these mercantile havens—a gem known as D1. This enclave of bargain treasures, though not grandiose in scale, boasts a tantalizing array of provisions. From fresh produce to the essentials of daily sustenance like eggs, milk, and coffee, D1 embodies the essence of a modest yet comprehensive marketplace.

Yet, it is not solely the necessities that draw us to D1 with unwavering loyalty. No, it is the clandestine charm of its wine selection that truly captivates our hearts. Predominantly sourced from the vineyards of Argentina and Chile, with a smattering of offerings from distant lands like Spain and Portugal, D1's wine collection spans the globe. And with prices ranging from a mere three to six dollars per bottle (USD), indulging in the finer things becomes a feasible luxury, even on a shoestring budget.

But what truly sets D1 apart is its ubiquitous presence. Nestled inconspicuously next to petrol stations or dotting the landscape of villages and towns, D1 emerges as a beacon of convenience for the intrepid traveler. In a realm where space is a coveted commodity, the ability to procure essentials and indulgences alike with ease renders traversing Colombia's diverse terrain a seamless endeavor.

For those embarked on the two-wheeled odyssey of exploration, D1 becomes not just a marketplace but a haven—a sanctuary where the necessities of the road are met with unparalleled ease. In the grand tapestry of our travels, D1 emerges as a steadfast companion—a bastion of comfort and convenience amidst the ever-changing landscape of Colombian adventure. Ciao!

D1 Store (check it out)

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