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Exploring Colombia's Diverse Landscapes: A Journey from Cartagena to Turbo

The day began with the bustling chitters of packing up our Cartagena apartment, squeezing our belongings into the compact maid's quarters. It was Holy Week, a significant celebration throughout Colombia, particularly vibrant in Cartagena. However, we opted to embark on a week-long adventure through the heart of Colombia, an experience eagerly awaited on our travel agenda.

Amidst the late afternoon sun, we set out from Cartagena towards the western coast of Colombia. The roads lay tranquil, devoid of the usual urban chaos, offering us a serene departure from the city. As we ascended the hills towards the hilltop town of Trobaco, the urban landscape gradually morphed into gated homes, then sprawling fincas, and finally, vast open lands.

Our journey led us to Covenitas, where we settled into a modest local inn for a brief overnight stay. Despite its simplicity, the inn provided secure parking and essential amenities, making it a pragmatic choice for our stopover. After a satisfying dinner featuring one of the best burgers we've savored in Colombia, accompanied by refreshing cocktails and a leisurely evening stroll, we retired for the night, preparing for an early start the next day.

Setting off early morning, we indulged in a traditional Colombian breakfast of arepa de huevo before venturing further inland. The landscape transitioned from coastal vistas to dusty, sun-soaked terrains adorned with fields of golden grass, dotted with grazing cattle and horses. Despite the mounting heat, the cool breeze offered respite as we traversed undulating roads, immersing ourselves in the rustic essence of the countryside.

As we approached the western coastline once again, a lush tropical oasis unfolded before us. Palms swayed in the breeze, casting dappled shadows on the road, while the scent of earth, vegetation, and sea permeated the air. The azure hues of the sea beckoned in the distance, framed by sandy shores lined with quaint dwellings and verdant foliage.

Our journey led us southward to Turbo, a humble port town devoid of tourist allure, serving merely as a pit stop for fuel. Just beyond lay a small town where we found refuge in a modern Ibis hotel, marking our southernmost point we have traveled by motorcycle. With anticipation building for the mountainous terrain that awaited us, we retired to our modest yet comfortable accommodations, eager to embrace the breathtaking vistas that lay ahead.

As we reflected on the day's journey, from the bustling streets of Cartagena to the tranquil countryside and coastal splendor, we marveled at Colombia's diverse landscapes and the myriad experiences it offered. With the promise of mountain adventures looming on the horizon, our hearts brimmed with excitement for the next leg of our epic voyage through this enchanting land.

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